Amazon Web Services

Shared Security with Barracuda on Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of secure compute, storage, application, and deployment services that help organizations to move faster, scale applications, and lower IT costs. However, since you are still responsible for protecting your own AWS-based assets you need security that can complement the AWS shared security model. That’s where Barracuda can help.

In the cloud, companies still need to protect their business resources, also known as network threat vectors—company email, web applications, network perimeter, remote access, mobility, and users. While threat vectors remain constant, attack surfaces are always changing; these include physical, virtual, and cloud. What’s required is powerful security for applications, network, web, and email. Barracuda understands your IT needs and provides best-of-breed solutions for firewalling, load balancing, web application security, and email security on Amazon Web Services.

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