Phone System

Finally, a phone system with IT in mind

The PBX that is great for business and easy on IT

IT staff around the globe have waited long enough. Presenting, the Barracuda Phone System: easy to install and manage, with a low cost and full set of features in every model.

  • Appliance design (rack-mounted)
  • Every feature in every box (no per-user or per-feature fees)
  • A Web-based interface that just makes sense
  • Standards-based design that works with SIP handsets, active directory, and other LDAP environments
  • World-class 24/7 support (no phone trees!)

Office-to-Office Connectivity

The Barracuda Phone System features technology that makes it simple to interconnect remote locations. Get office-to-office connectivity, extension dialing, and a seamless inter-office phone system with Barracuda. Make office-to-office calls completely free of charge using your existing network or Internet connections. Receptionists can answer calls for remote offices, and agents can take calls from any queue.

Mobile Workforce, and Find Me

With the Barracuda Phone System, you can use any smartphone or softphone connected to the Internet—no use of complex VPNs required. With Internet-connected phones, remote employees can operate exactly like they do with office phones and without extra charges (ISP and/or mobile carrier data charges may still apply for data usage, depending on your ISP or mobile carrier and service agreements). The Find Me feature allows any user’s extension to ring a mobile phone, home phone, or other number when they aren’t at their desk.

Conferencing Bridges

If you’re used to paying expensive per-minute fees for hosted conferencing, those days are gone. With built-in conference functions, you can host your own conferences on your own Barracuda Phone System. Employees both on and offsite (with an Internet-connected phone) can call in for free, and you can assign a phone to the conference to let anyone join.

Appliance Design

There’s no bulky equipment to bolt to a plywood board. Put the Barracuda Phone System in the rack next to your Active Directory, Exchange, Windows and Linux servers. You know that VOIP is just another application on your network– it’s time to manage it that way.

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