PST Enterprise

Locate PST files, regain control over them and
manage them effectively and efficiently

Complete PST Management for Your Organization

PST Enterprise enables IT administrators to regain control over email data stored within PST files scattered across their organization.

It can eliminate the risks associated with PST files, as well as reduce ongoing costs and support IT requirements for Compliance and eDiscovery.

PST Enterprise will discover PST files on network servers and end user systems, and migrate this data to a secure location such as Exchange, Office 365 or Barracuda Message Archiver.

Regain Control of Your Data

Identify all email stored across the organization currently stored in PST files on network locations or end user devices such as laptops, workstations or USB drives, then manage it appropriately so that it is secure and readily available as needed.

Centralizing storage of PST files and backing them up or, better still, eliminating the use of them completely not only helps you to regain control of all your data, it will help reduce the support costs of managing these files which are easily lost or corrupted.

Reduce Legal and Corporate Risk

Since central IT departments can be unaware of the number and location of PST files, they have no visibility of their content, and there is a risk that unseen data relevant to an investigation or litigation will be overlooked. Centralizing the data, understanding the content, retaining emails of business value and making the information visible and accessible help reduce corporate and legal risk.

PST files are notoriously unreliable. They corrupt easily, are easily misplaced and are infrequently (if ever) backed up.   Also highly portable, they can be disconnected from Outlook and copied or moved with ease which represents a significant risk of data being lost or falling into the wrong hands. Regaining control of the information within PST files will help protect against end user data loss or theft.

Ensure Compliance and Information Security

Implementing robust data retention and defensible deletion policies for the data contained within PST files means that you retain only what is actually needed by your business, and all obsolete or redundant data within PST files can be eliminated. As well as reducing costs, this will help to ensure that you are fully compliant across the organization with all relevant government and corporate information management policies.

Once all PST files across your organization have been located and the data within them is being managed, it enables you to support eDiscovery and eDisclosure activities by searching this information as needed in response to investigation or legal discovery requests. You can further simplify the discovery process by eliminating these files altogether and migrating their data to a central location or archive.

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